September 22, 2017

not wut it is, its wut it do

Detroit Neon Event 2016


Detroit Neon Event Meet 2016

What is it? National gathering of Neon enthusiasts. Ranging from Omni and Shadows (the parents...+More

Woodward Dream Cruise 2015

  Woodward Dream cruise 2015

RoadKill Nights Pontiac Silverdome

#Roadkill Nights at Pontiac Silverdome. This event was Powered by Dodge. At the event there...+More

Videos from Milan Dragway

[video width="640" height="368" mp4=""][/video] [video width="640" height="368" mp4=""][/video] [video width="640" height="368" mp4=""][/video] [video width="640" height="368"...+More
Lunchbox , Neons , Silver Bullet

Lunchbox – First Time ever on the dragstrip

Brad and the Lunchbox. First time ever racing, scared and doesn't know what he is...+More
Lunchbox , Neons

Grudge Race #2 Silver Bullet vs R6 @ Milan Dragway

Last race of the night for the Silver Bullet. Grudge race against a R6. Neon...+More
Neons , Silver Bullet

Wut It Do @ Milan Dragway

Most of us went and hung out at Milan for the Liberty Gear's NO ET,...+More
Blu , Lunchbox , Neons , Purple People Eater , Silver Bullet , Zombie

Silver Bullet Grudge Race @ Milan Dragway

First grudge race for Silver Bullet at Milan Dragway's Liberty Gears No ET. Racing a...+More
Neons , Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet @ Milan 2nd Run

Here is the Silver Bullet's second run. This time he got no traction and spun...+More
Neons , Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet @ Milan Dragway 1st Run

We went to Milan Dragway Sunday, June 28th to run the Silver Bullet. Made a...+More
Neons , Silver Bullet

Turbo neon doing a burnout

Another angle of Brad's burnout in his Lunchbox turbo neon. Two burnout in one video....+More
Lunchbox , Neons

Lunchbox can do a burnout

Brad's Lunchbox neon doing a burnout. 2.0L DOHC with SRT4 turbo, controlled by megasquirt.  ...+More
Lunchbox , Neons

Last weekend, Woodward and Party Time

Went out to Woodward and went back to Robs to have a good time. Here...+More
Blu , Ginger , Lunchbox , Neons

Pictures of Ginger Neon

Here are a few pictures of Carl's Ginger. 2.4L SRT Turbo on a 2001 PT...+More
Ginger , Neons

A short night run for beer and food in the ‘Silver Bullet’

Friday night, everyone needed to kick back, relax, eat and drink a few beers. Ryan...+More
Neons , Silver Bullet

Lunchbox – The Movie (Car Wash)

Brad is making a movie staring 'Lunchbox'. This is part one, the car wash. The...+More
Lunchbox , Neons

Blown Headgasket? Swap the motor instead.

Blu blew a headgasket and was overheating. Instead of just replacing the head gasket, swapped...+More
Blu , Neons

Winter Beater Cruise – Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan

Here are the winter beaters cruising Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan. [embed][/embed] Carls Ginger -...+More
Blu , Ginger , Lunchbox , Neons

Silver Bullet – 2step

[embed][/embed]   Ryan's Silver Bullet, testing out megasquirt's 2step abilities.   2.4L SRT internal engine...+More
Silver Bullet

introduction to lunchbox

well this is good ol lunch box. has 285000 miles currently and is a stock...+More

More work to lamboneon

  Got the srt Mopar short throw shifter retrofitted to the car today.
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Neons with the turbo that goes psh psh pop pop

Carl's neon was spotted, and can't stop replaying the video. Can't help but laugh. Neon...+More
Ginger , Neons

Sunday Funday, Wut it Do BBQ

BBQ     Tried to get some work done on the 'Turd', was able to...+More
Ginger , Neons , Paczki , Turd

Parts Galore run, 3 motor trip

Ryan, Carl and myself took to Parts Galore pick a part junkyard on 4/25/15. In...+More
CarlRT , Paczki , Purple People Eater


  Ginger ! Ginger is currently rocking a 2001 PT Cruiser 2.4L DOHC turbo motor...+More

Acquired another neon.

Picked up a 1996 black coupe. SOHC, 5 speed. Clutch is going out, brakes are...+More